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When a development(s) of houses is (are) proposed, one of the key elements to be catered for is sewage. The developers work with Welsh Water, a non profit making organisation to proved clean water and and to dispose of sewage.

Welsh Water's proposal is to take the sewage and to connect into the main foul sewer which happens to be on the other side of the river. This means taking the sewer under both the railway and the river. To connect in to the main sewer they will need to build a pumping station in Hayley Park. The residents of Llandaff North are not happy about this and have questioned the planning approval. They have found what they believe is an incorrect procedure that would nullify the consent that has already been granted. They have a Llandaff North Residents Association and they have requested a judicial review to be carried at the end of June.


There are 2 outcomes:-

1 The review is upheld. The consequences are that Welsh Water would have to re apply correctly and so in reality only delay the connection.


2 The review is not upheld The consequences being Llandaff North Residents Association may have to bear the costs incurred by Welsh Water, and the connection will go as planned.


The barristers fees for a judicial review are likely to be in the order of £20,000. The LNRA already have collected £10,000 and have created a Just Giving page to raise the remaining £10,000. There is a link below where you can donate towards this cost.

Just Giving - Save Hailey Park

Why is this being posted onto the DCA website you may ask, as the pumping station is on the other side of the river. Well to get the sewage to our side of the river will require works and disruption at the end of De Braose Close and a permanent maintenance track, which we do not want.

If you would like to find out more comprehensive details about the whole proposal please click the link below.

Proposed Foul Sewer Pumping Station in Hailey Park

The Danescourt Community Association is supportive of the Llandaff North Residents Association and would not wish to see a pumping station at Hayley Park or the works and maintenance track etc. on the Danescourt side of the river.

Research done by the Save our Woods campaign team have found that as part of a planning application, Redrow were required to construct a state of the art sewage treatment plant for 1500 houses in the Wrexham area - an excellent solution. Why the developers for the houses on Llantrisant were not required build such a facility is not known but you could write to Cardiff Planning Officer and to Welsh Water and ask the question.

I hope you find the above informative.

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