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The Welsh Government has been consulting on a post-Covid recovery and reconstruction plan.  You can read more about it here

This is a contributiuon to the consulation from Edgar Gibbs on behalf of the DCA


Dear Julie
I am writing on behalf of the Danescourt Community Association, Cardiff.
I apologise for the slight delay in getting this response to you.  I hope you will still consider the following.
Rebuilding after COVID-19
  1. There needs to be a review of transportation in the light of home working and reluctance to use public transport and the need for an alternative.
  2. The use of privately owned care homes will hopefully be faded out and new care homes will need to be built and where appropriate old ones refurbished. This rebuilding work to be undertaken by a not for profit organisation jointly managed by the Welsh Government and the Local Authorities.
  3. Properties in need of refurbishment are bought by developers and refurbished making high levels of profit. The properties should be purchased by the Welsh Government/Council, possibly in partnership with developers and refurbished to prove “individual” council houses using any profits made for reinvesting into the scheme.
  4. The Council should set up a Development Corporation with Compulsory Purchase Powers to purchase land and properly co-ordinate and develop housing, transportation, and the metro line.
  5. The Council should help rebuild the mental health of young people by educating them on health, pandemic issues and care of the elderly. Youth clubs and new start need funding and importantly places to meet. Refurbishing old halls and meeting places could provide jobs as well.
I trust you find the suggestions helpful.
Edgar Gibbs BSc,CEng, MICE
Chair of Danescourt Community Association, Cardiff
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