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Cardiff Council Community Review

Proposal CR017 – Creation of a new community area of “Danescourt”

Cardiff Council is undertaking a Community Review, as it is required to, it started in March 2013 with completion in early 2014, for proposals to be considered by the Boundary Commission.

Stage 1 invited proposals and resulted in 21 draft proposals being presented for Stage 2 consultation – comments to the Council must be made by 31 October 2013.

Proposal CR017, proposed by Plaid Cymru, is to create a separate community of Danescourt.

Cardiff has 259,312 electors, 32 Communities, 75 councillors giving averages of 8103 electors per community and 3457 electors per councillor.

A Danescourt Community, as proposed by Cardiff Council, would have about 2444 electors, making it one of the smallest communities. This makes it unclear as to what the Council electoral representation would be – if it did not have its own councillor, then it could combine with Llandaff, or Fairwater or Radyr & Morganstown.

This proposal would create a separate community of Danescourt severing it from Llandaff.

The effects of this change are unclear, but are likely to change the electoral representation. There does not appear to be any obvious advantage to this proposal. We already have a Danescourt Community Association, which represents the residents of the Danescourt estate, and welcomes all Danescourt residents to attend the monthly meetings.

The Association has not been involved in the preparation of this proposal.

The Council Community Review information is here with the draft proposals in the Main Document and the form for your response here

Please let the Council know your views and also come to the Association meetings.

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