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Danescourt is a large estate to the north west of Cardiff, in the electoral ward of Llandaff.

Danescourt was one of the largest private housing estates in Europe when it was built.
Building started in the mid 1970s and continued until the early 1990s.

This web site is maintained by the Danescourt Community Association to provide information useful to those living on the estate or who are thinking of moving here

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The Danescourt estate name comes from Danesbrook House and Radyr Court House - it was established in the 1970s

Many of the streets on the estate have names linked to the history of the immediate area, for example Mathew Walk is named after the family that owned Radyr Court from the 15th to 17th Centuries and Rachel Close is named after "Rachel of the Chain". The chain was the toll barrier at the junction of Llantrisant Road and Waterhall Road and Rachel was one of the most famous toll collectors.

The following table has been provided by Ray Jenkins, as his "best guess" of the orgin of some of the Danescourt Street names.  If you can provide any more information then please get in touch

Allan Durst Close

Alan Durst (1883-1970) was a sculptor, his works include the font at  Llandaff Cathedral.

Baldwin Close

Archbishop of Canterbury (1185-1190), Baldwin of Forde preached on the spot marked by the cross on the Llandaff Green.

Beale Close

George Galloway Beale was the organist at Llandaff Cathedral (1894)

Blethin Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1575-1591), William Blethyn.

Bruce Knight Close

William Bruce Knight (1843-1845), Dean of Llandaff.

Buckley Close

Archdeacon of Llandaff (1913-1924), James Rice Buckley.

Burne Jones Close

Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) created stained glass windows at Llandaff Cathedral.

Cadoc Place

Saint Cadoc (Cattwg) 5th/6th century.

Danescourt Way

An amalgamation of Danesbrook (House) and Radyr Court and Way.

De Braose Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1266-1287), William de Braose.

Douglas Close

Rev. Henry Douglas, Precentor at Llandaff Cathedral circa 1825.

Edward Clarke Close

Edward Clarke (1821-1878), a wood carver and sculptor.

Epstein Close

Sir Jacob Epstein sculpted 'Christ in Majesty' in Llandaff Cathedral.

Glyn Simon Close

Archbishop of Wales, Glyn Simon (1968-1971).

Goodwin Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1601-1618), Francis Godwin.

Heol Aradur

An old name, probably the origin of Radyr, from Latin and Welsh?

Heol Seddon

John Pollard Seddon was an architect in partnership with John Prichard, they were responsible for the Cathedral restoration in the 1860s, his brother, Thomas Seddon, also contributed.

Heol Urban

Bishop of Llandaff (1107-1134), Urban  (Gwrgan)

Herbert March Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1816-1819), Herbert Marsh.

Holgate Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1537-1545), Robert Holgate.

Hughs Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1905-1931) Joshua Pritchard Hughes also Bishops Hugh Lloyd and Hugh Jones.

Jasper Close

Jasper Tudor built the North West Tower of Llandaff Cathedral in the 15th century.

Jevan Close

Jevan - a common name - possibly Sir Matthew ap Jevan of Llandaff

John Morgan Close

Archbishop of Wales, John Morgan (1949-1957).

Lynch Blosse Close

Archdeacon of Llandaff (1859-1877?), Henry Lynch Blosse.

Marshall Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1478-1496), John Marshall.

Mathew Walk

The Mathew family (Sir David Mathew (1400-1484) lived around Radyr

Court in the 15th to the 18th centuries,  which was then a manor house.

Mylo Griffiths Close

James Milo Griffith (1843-1897), Welsh sculptor and stonemason; he worked on the restoration of Llandaff Cathedral.

Nicholson Webb Close

Sir Charles Nicholson (1867-1949), architect and Geoffrey Webb (1879-1954) stained glass.

Ollivant Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1849-1882), Alfred Ollivant.

Pace Close

George Pace was the architect responsible for the restoration of the Cathedral ater the 1939-45 World War.

Peckham Close

Archbishop Peckham of Canterbury (13th century)

Piper Close

John Piper was a 20th century artist who created a stained glass window at the Cathedral.


Pritchard Close

John Prichard was a Welsh architect in partnership with J P Seddon was responsible for the Cathedral restoration in the 1860s.

Rachel Close

Rachel was a well known toll collector around 1800, at a tollbooth at the junction of Waterhall Road and Llantrisant Road.

Radyr Court Road

Radyr Court was a farm and manor house adjacent to St John's Church

Richard Lewis Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1883-1905), Richard Lewis.

Roper Close

Frank Roper MBE (1914-2000) artist, sculptor and worked on the restoration of Llandaff Cathedral.

Rossetti Close

Dante Gabriel Rossetti painted a triptych, 'Seed of David', in the 19th century,

Sumner Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1826-1827), Charles Sumner.

Timothy Rees Close

Bishop of Llandaff (1931-1939), Timothy Rees.

Ty Parc Close

A cottage known as Ty Parc existed in the 17th/18th centuries.

Woolmer Close

Thomas Woolner RA (1825-1892), sculptor

Wyon Close

A G Wyon (1882-1962), die engraver and sculptor. 

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