Round-About Meadow Print

Hello neighbours, in April this year I contacted the council and asked them to replace the meadow we lost in 2008 when one of the utilities dug up the land on our side at the Fairwater Llantrisant road roundabout. I’m pleased to say they agreed and here are the pictures of the wonderful display of the meadow flowers on our green space there. I think you will agree they enhance the appearance of the area. Go and take a look before the flowers go over; the colours are fantastic. I for one, look forward to seeing the area develop next year.  

I also enquired about daffodil planting but it was suggested that they may be used as part of the area improvement, which I’m sure you know involves an update to the top end Spooky lane lighting and building the MUGA. If it was part of this project the council would do the planting.

However, there is always another year. If anyone wanted to volunteer to plant daffodils in the future they could join our small team. I had thought about grassy areas around bus stops [with permission from the council] to give us something to look at whilst waiting for the bus. Just let me know, click my name below to send me an email.

Elaine Jenkins

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 September 2013 20:19