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By the time you read this the celebration weekend for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be over, a damp memory.

However you might still be thinking of the community feeling that the celebrations inspired.

Your road, close, neighbours or the whole of Danescourt may be your community. It will include people of all ages such as children, busy parents, and those who are retired.

The Danescourt Community Association is here to support the Danescourt community and here are some of our successes:

• We wrote to Enterprise Inns about the poor condition of the fabric of the Radyr Court public house - Action was taken by them to improve things.

• We put pressure on our councillors to get a bus information sign installed in the bus stop near Restways, which was the only shelter without a sign. - It has been done.

• We were active with the councillors and the police during the time when there was a lot of antisocial behaviour around the shops and this improved considerably.

• We asked for dropped kerbs around the estate to help disabled people and pushchair users. -These have been installed

• We successfully opposed the granting of a licence to sell alcohol at the Coop shop which is part of the garage.

• We successfully opposed the planning application for a large residential care home just below the top roundabout. The objection was on the grounds of traffic impact onto an already busy main road.

Currently we are pursuing the following:

• The provision of a bus shelter at the top of Heol Seddon.

• The DCA has offered a contribution towards the provision of speed information signs (like those by the Radyr Scout Hall) to be located by the school.

We meet on the third Monday of the month at St John's Hall at 8pm.

Our councillors are regular attenders and are always happy to listen to any issues we want to raise. They are also pleased to hear from residents who have come along with a specific issue. However you do not need to have a specific issue to come to our meetings. The Committee is always pleased to welcome you to come and hear what is being discussed.

It would be great to continue the Diamond Jubilee community spirit.  So if you have any pictures of the jubilee celebrations on Danescourt please send them in so we can put them on the website.

We look forward to seeing you.

Edgar Gibbs


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DCA Campaigns For Speed Indicators PDF Print E-mail

At a recent committee meeting it was decided that the DCA should ask the Council's Highways Department to install 2 speed indicator signs, similar to the one near the scout hall in Radyr, located either side of the school on Danescourt Way.

Our request will offer £500 towards the cost of these signs as a way of the DCA communicating it's support for speed eduction.

Also as suggested at the last PACT meeting the school could, with the support of the PCSO, get the children to carry out a speed exercise a part of the curriculum, and they could write to us with their findings. The school could also be approached to carry out a competition to draw a slow sign. The prize being to have their drawing made into a road sign attached to the new speed sign posts. This would generate good publicity for the school, the speeding problem and a proactive DCA.

If you have any comments on this, or any other matter concerning Danescourt, then please get in touch

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Work Commences at Radyr Court PDF Print E-mail

Following on from our recent news about the scheduled external repair and redecoration works on our local pub, the Radyr Court, we can report that the work has started and that Andrew Bluett, Regional Property Manager of Enterprise Inns has given us the following statement "Enterprise Inns is happy to say that we will shortly complete external repairs and redecorations to the Radyr Court as part of a continuing investment program in our estate. We are aware that the exterior of this house has deteriorated in the past few years and are pleased to change that situation. Both we and our current tenants look forward to welcoming customers old and new to the Radyr Court."

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Footbridge to Hailey Park PDF Print E-mail

Bridge from Radyr to Hailey Park

The disused railway bridge over the Taff, formerly on a loop line linking the old Radyr Sidings with the Radyr to Queen Street line, is being converted to a footbridge linking the Taff Trail in Hailey Park with the path between Radyr Court Road and the development on Radyr Sidings.

Work began in October and should be complete by early February 2013.

You can read more here Wales Online or here The Friends of Hailey Park

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