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A New Camera Club coming to Danescourt starting September 2013 PDF Print E-mail
  • A relaxed & friendly atmosphere
  • A chance to spend time with like minded people
  • Share ideas about photography hints, tips and experience, no matter how much or how little you know about it
  • Take part in Club Competitions
  • Help plan and enjoy day trips at different locations to photograph landscapes,people and architecture
  • A chance to work with “real life models” male and female that are willing to pose for you using studio lighting, light meters & backdrops
  • Learn more or discover what F-Stops are, what shutter speeds to use, what ISO can do for your photography and many more ideas.
  • Take part in our New Blog Site, leaving your feedback on Club Members' Photography

Steve has been a photography enthusiast for over 10 years and has been commissioned to photograph many Weddings, Corporate and Private Events, along with producing images for local businesses to advertise their products or services.

Sharing ideas, skills and showing your photographs to people are the best way to get positive, constructive feedback, which will make you a better photographer, as a hobbyist or to hopefully start a new career.

We will be meeting on every 4th Monday evening in the St John’s Church Hall in Danescourt, Llandaff, starting at 8pm until 9.30pm.

Just £3.00 per person, to cover the cost of the Hall Hire. Free Membership, until January 2014.

We are having our first Camera Club meeting on 23rd September. There will be a very basic introduction to digital photography, there will be samples of work, portfolios, and albums to look through, along with a few cameras to have a look at. If you are interested, please come along for an informal chat about the club, future meetings and much more.


Email:[email protected] for more information on what to bring, what the first evening will be about and what happens next.Or mobile – 07810 866 857

If you are interested please contact us, so that we know how many people will be attending and how much milk, coffee and tea bags we will need.

Hope to see you there

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 September 2013 20:20
Planning Application for 48 Houses at The End of Radyr Court Road PDF Print E-mail

We are pleased to report that the planning application has been rejected.  However, we understand that the applicant will appeal this decision.

The following is a letter to our local councillors from Stewart Burgess on behalf of Danescourt Community Association regarding the OUTLINE APPLICATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF 48 DWELLINGS on LAND AT RADYR COURT ROAD, DANESCOURT, CARDIFF.  You can see more details on the council website here.


Dear Kirsty & Gareth,

I am dismayed by the analysis of the highway objections presented in the report to the Planning Committee in respect of the above application to the Cardiff Council for Planning Permission.

In particular, whilst the report correctly states at 8.13 that "Manual for Streets" outlines guidance on the specific subject of shared surface streets, it fails to point out that "Manual for Streets" does not say is that such shared surface streets can be provided with narrow carriageways where pedestrians will have to do battle with two way traffic of all types. The report makes no mention of the clause contained in "Manual for Streets" that indicates that the minimum width of carriageway for two way delivery traffic is 5.5 metres, which does not compare favourably with the available carriageway width of as little as the 4.38 metres width quoted in the Transport Statement that accompanied this application. The analysis has also made no mention of the dangers to the potential visually impaired future users of this proposed shared surface or that the Royal National Institurte for the Blind and the Guidedogs Association for the Blind both have severe reservations about such proposals. I note that neither of these organisations have been consulted about this proposal.

There is also the height problem at the railway bridge that the report fails to mention. The available headroom is stated within the Transport Statement to be only 3.73 metres or 12'-3". The allowable maximum height of road vehicles is currently 15'-0" and the standard headroom under a bridge is 15'-6". This one is therefore significantly substandard. Anything having less than this 15'-6" clearance has to be signed. A large furniture van is in the order of 13'-6" tall and a normal delivery van can be of the order of 12'-9" tall, so neither of these vehicles would be able to pass under the railway bridge. For assistance I include a link to a website giving typical vehicle dimensions, which shows a delivery vehicle 12'-0" tall, but also states that dimensions are only approximate.  A 12'-0" tall vehicle should not attempt to pass under anything having a vertical clearance of less than 12'-6". 

The report also fails to mention the consequence of any large vehicle that has failed to pass under the bridge having to reverse some distance along Radyr Court Road before reaching a location where it could turn around in order to depart. Such events will cause considerable difficulty to any other road users present at the same time.

In addition the report fails to mention the statutory duty placed on all Highway Authorities by the Traffic Management Act 2004 to ease the flow of vehicular traffic on its roads. Clearly if this proposed development goes ahead, it will contribute further traffic to Bridge Street which is already severely congested at peak periods.  The report fails to recommend any measure to overcome this situation.

Please feel free to forward this as you may think appropriate.    

Kind regards

S M Burgess
Danescourt Community Association

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Toddlers Group Success PDF Print E-mail

The Parent and Toddler Group at St John's Church Hall is proving so successful that a second session on Wednesday afternoons is now running. You can find details of the group on our What's On pages.

You may remember that the DCA made a donation of £100 towards the setup costs of the group. This money has been used for play rugs which the toddlers are enjoying so much they are getting their friends to come as well!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 20:19
Local Planning Applications PDF Print E-mail

Download a list of planning applications in Llandaff, this is a complete list, showing applications, decisions and withdrawn applications, or you can see recent applications here 

The list is compiled from information available on the Cardiff Council website.

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DCA Supports the New Mothers and Toddlers Group PDF Print E-mail

Following a committee meeting it was agreed to present the Mothers and Toddlers Group with £100 towards the setting up costs. As Chair, I went to a busy group of mothers and toddlers led by Donna Wilson (centre), on Wednesday and handed over the cheque. We wish the group success and that the mothers and toddlers of Danescourt will benefit from these meetings.

Last Updated on Monday, 31 December 2012 08:20

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