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Cardiff Council approved the LDP in January 2016. There are 5 large planning applications for the North West of Cardiff. They are -

  • Land South of Pentrebane Road 14/02188/MJR for 290 dwellings. APPROVED
  • Land beyond the Clos Parc roundabout on the Llantrisant Road, to Crofft y Genau Road to St. Fagans – this area is being named Plasdŵr 14/02733/MJR for 5970 dwellings.
  • Land to the North of the M4 around Junction 33 14/00852/DCO for 1500 dwellings. APPROVED
  • Llantrisant Road 14/02157/MJR Two sites – North for 350 dwellings, South for 280 dwellings, a total of 630. A separate part of the Plasdŵr development. APPROVED 
  • Goitre Fach Farm, Llantrisant Road 16/00106/MJR for 300 dwellings.APPROVED
  • There is also the change of use of the BBC site 15/00799/MJR for 400 dwellings. This may not be part of the LDPAPPROVED

The first four were lodged in 2014 and awaited the outcome of the LDP. The Llantrisant Road 14/02157/MJR application has had a further application 16/02016/MJR approved for the first 126 dwellings on the Clos Parc Radyr site and work is in progress on the site.

Most of the applications are outline, so they can change significantly by completion. The number of dwellings listed above should be a maximum and is given to indicate the plot size. The applications include schools and community facilities, and many other details.

The above applications can be viewed on the Cardiff Council website at Cardiff Council planning applications and entering the relevant reference number from the list above. Some have a large number (200+) documents as they contain the original and updated plans/paperwork, objections and comments.

Llantrisant Road 630 dwellings 14/02157/MJR planning application

An overall guide to the application can be obtained from the Report prepared for the approval of the Planning Committee as it contains the planning recommendations, views of officials and bodies, a review of objections and outline plans of the sites. Approval was given for the scheme in February 2016. A copy of the report is available here.

A summary of the 630 dwellings application

There are two sites –

  • South of the Llantrisant Road (Fairwater side) extending from near the Danescourt/Waterhall Road roundabout to the Heol Isaf roundabout for 280 dwellings, primary school, community centre – shops could be added in the future.
  • North of the Llantrisant Road (Radyr side) extending from the Heol Isaf roundabout to the Clos Parc Radyr roundabout for 350 dwellings.

The changes to Llantrisant Road are –

  • A bus lane (into Cardiff) beginning after the Clos Parc Radyr roundabout and ending after the Radyr filling station.
  • A raised mini roundabout opposite the Radyr filling station for access to 150 dwellings on the South estate.
  • The Heol Isaf roundabout to be replaced by traffic lights allowing pedestrians to cross and access to the South estate and School/shops. An in-bound slip road from Heol Isaf onto the Llantrisant Road, bypassing the traffic lights.
  • Two ‘Toucan’ crossings – one between the current roundabouts and one opposite the lane to Heol Aradur.
  • A network of cycleways and footpaths will be constructed.

Other improvements proposed –

Off-site pedestrian, cycle and environmental improvements are proposed to Heol Isaf, between the Llantrisant Road/Heol Isaf Junction to the Heol Isaf /Station Road junction, to encourage sustainable travel. These include the creation of a 20mph zone between Heol Isaf /Station Road junction and Radyr Comprehensive School egress, junction improvement works, a mini roundabout to Radyr Comprehensive, 3 raised zebra crossings (to the north of Rectory Close and to the north and south of Radyr Comprehensive School access) and landscape improvement works. Zebra crossings are also proposed at Radyr Station, and on Waterhall Road, Tangmere Drive and Danescourt Way. Cycle parking is proposed at bus stops, and at Radyr Station, subject to the approval of the Council and station operator.

Discussions are taking place between the developer and Western Power about the possibilities of transferring the 132kV underground. It currently runs across the proposed South estate. This is not required as a condition of the planning approval.

The primary school will be two storey for a 2 Form entry accommodating a total of 189 pupils with 48 FTE nursery places. The area of the site proposed by the developers is 13500m2 as this is less than the requirement of 19928m2, an all-weather synthetic grass surface of 3200m2 has been requested.

The sites have to have a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) to collect rainwater and prevent flooding. This will be implemented by several ponds and swales to collect the rainwater from the roofs and surfaces, these will limit any discharge to the rivers and allow ground absorption.

Affordable Housing: 15% on-site affordable housing 50%, of which is intermediate rent (IR), and 50% as low cost home ownership (LCHO), with the LCHO element being offered at 70% of open market value (OMV). Whilst this level is below the 30% sought for greenfield sites, and below the amount requested by the Director of Communities, Housing and Customer Services, there are exceptional circumstances in terms of the significant cost to deliver essential enabling infrastructure to support the delivery of Strategic Site C (Plasdŵr). These circumstances have impacted upon viability where 15% is the maximum contribution which could be achieved where the development remains economically viable.

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Update - Planning Application for 630 Houses PDF Print E-mail

You will remember that almost a year ago Redrow and the St Fagans Trust applied for planning permission to build 630 homes on land either side of Llantrisant Road at its junction with Heol Isaf Radyr.

An amendment to the application has now been submitted to the council.  You can read the letter detailing the amendments here or you can visit the council website to view all the documents relating to the application.

If you want to submit an objection or comment then please do so as soon as possible in writing to 

Development Management,

Room 201,

County Hall,

Atlantic Wharf,


CF10 4UW

or via email to [email protected] quoting 14/02157/MJR

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Parking Restrictions PDF Print E-mail

What do you think of the new two hour parking limit when you are visiting the Danescourt shops?  Are they needed to stop people using the car park as an unofficial park and ride? Let us know your views via our contact page

What ever your views, unlike many shopping centre car parks there are, as yet, no notices about penalties or enforcement if you out stay your welcome.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 20:46
Coop Re-Painted PDF Print E-mail

Following representations from the DCA to Cooke and Arkwright, the managing agents for the land owners, and a letter from Sheelagh Jones to the Retail Director of the Coop, we are pleased to report the Coop exterior has been repainted and the sign has been changed to 'bwyd' from 'food'.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 20:34
Danescourt Neighbourhood Watch PDF Print E-mail

Are you interested in joining or helping to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Danescourt? You can find out more about Neighbourhood Watch from the website here or you can view a leaflet here. If you want to be involved then please get in touch using our contact form.


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