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Radyr Court Road Planning Appeal Decision PDF Print E-mail

We are delighted to share with you the news that the appeal against the decision to deny planning permission for a residential development at the end of Radyr Court Road (Spooky Lane) has been dismissed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to object to the original application and to make representations to the appeal.

You can read more about the campaign and the full report from the Planning Inspector on the Save Radyr Court Road website

Local Development Plan : Special Update PDF Print E-mail

Cardiff Council approves LDP


Local residents ignored


Welsh Government can’t see our city for the houses


  • Cardiff Council Executive must deliver an LDP acceptable to the Welsh Government (WG)
  • WG has set out the LDP’s parameters including building 41,100 homes by 2026
  • Without an LDP in place we are vulnerable to developers making pre-emptive applications to build houses anywhere in Cardiff - and this is happening
  • Without protection from speculative development there is no time to draw up a proper plan taking proper account of the advantages of the proposed Metro
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a 21st century city is being wasted.

This is the site for 6,100+ houses, schools, retail, community centres


Can you see the traffic jams yet?

  • 11,650 dwellings to be built in NW Cardiff by 2026
  • The LDP’s transport plan assumes more people using public transport, bikes or walking: from 36% now to 50%, but
  • Cardiffrefuses to delay development in the NW to wait for the Metro to make that shift possible.  They say a new bus service will do. 
  • Cardiff agrees that the transport network is at full capacity and that existing hot spots will get worse, eg Ynys Bridge, Heol Isaf, Llandaff, St Fagans railway crossing. 
  • Cardiffsays it will make road conditions worse to force people out of cars, eg policed bus lanes, but will not provide an alternative.
  • We think the roads are too dangerous for cycling, the trains are full at Radyr, and the bus services are being cut.
  • Early planning applications are already coming in: 1,500 new homes south of Creigiau; three applications for the land south of Radyr (and additional to the 6,100 above) are imminent.
  • If we cannot open Cardiff’s eyes to the damage the LDP will do to NW Cardiff, what do we do next?  See below for details …


Countdown to a Planning Disaster


  • Cardiff Council approved the LDP on 26th June.  All the local County Councillors including Gareth Aubrey and Kirsty Williams spoke strongly against this and made the strong points articulated by local residents and the North West Cardiff Group (NWCG).
  • Cardiff ignored all concerns and suggestions made by the NWCG, which represents 24,000+ Cardiff residents in Creigiau, Danescourt, Gwaelod y Garth Llandaff, Morganstown, Pentyrch, Radyr, and St Fagans
  • The LDP goes before the Welsh Government’s Inspector between January and March 2015, with the Report due in August and the LDP expected to come into force in October 2015.          


We have worked hard on your behalf for the last 5 years. Danescourt Community Association alone and as part of the NWCG, has submitted responses on time at every stage of the process, but all these have been ignored. We have lobbied Mark Drakeford AM, Kevin Brennan MP and Roger Lewis, Chairman of the Cardiff Capital Region Board (which is responsible for delivering the Metro).  All have said they agreed with us.  Cllr Patel (the latest of several Cardiff Councillors responsible for delivering the LDP) does not.

We say:

There is no credible plan to cope with the demand for travel from over 11,000 houses (16,500 cars?) creating a place the size of Carmarthen on green fields and woodland between St Fagan’s, Danescourt, Radyr and Creigiau.

The assumptions Cardiff have made about the way people will travel from the new developments are ludicrous.  Would you be prepared to cycle down Llantrisant Road in the rush hour to get on an overcrowded train at Radyr?  Not even the residents of Lychgate Gardens in Radyr cycle to Radyr station.

We are not against sustainable development, but what is proposed in the LDP is not sustainable.

We have written to Cardiff’s Cabinet members in the hope that they would amend the LDP to meet our concerns.  They refused.

Congestion and air pollution in NW Cardiff, particularly Llandaff, Fairwater and Canton, will be intolerable if development is not managed properly.

We have consistently argued for transport and other infrastructure to be built in advance of development, but to no avail.

A tidal wave of major applications from house-builders is now hitting Cardiff before the LDP is adopted.  Separate developments outside the LDP risk creating suburban sprawl that will benefit only the developers and not the people of Cardiff. 


Developers are already trying to increase housing numbers beyond the LDP’s allocations.


We need more houses and an LDP, yes, but not at any cost!


What is our alternative?


We have joined with Cardiff Civic Society who have made a very sound proposal to integrate the LDP with the Cardiff Metro, linking Cardiff with emerging communities in Llantrisant and beyond.  It would also prevent a huge amount of money (from increased land values) leaving Wales, and provide a framework for the formation of proper future Communities. 

The details are:

  • Cardiff Council should define areas for development in partnership with the Welsh Government and Rhondda Cynon Taf.
  • Compulsory purchase of the land by a Development Corporation would keep hundreds of millions of pounds in Wales to help pay for infrastructure, including the Metro.
  • This could pioneer a 21st century version of the garden city: communities clustered around Metro stations on the line from western Cardiff to growth areas around Llantrisant but physically separated from each other by extensive public ‘gardens’ in the form of parks or recreational facilities.

Cardiffsays this is not possible and that landowners would object to compulsory land purchase!  We say this plan is in the public interest and the LDP is not. The Welsh Government could set up a Development Corporation to take this action.


We are not NIMBYs.  We recognise that Cardiff needs more housing and that NW Cardiff is an inevitable target area.  However, housing which worsens transport problems will not be good for new or existing residents nor for Cardiff, and not even for SE Wales.  The only real beneficiaries are the owners of the land and the developers who together stand to make over a billion pounds out of planning gain.


We cannot stand back and watch our capital city ruined.  We want to change the future of Cardiff and SE Wales for the better. We will continue to argue for an amended LDP and will make that argument to the Inspector.


Will you join us?   Can you help?  The time for formal submissions to Cardiff Council has passed.  They have not listened to us.  We need to take back the initiative to prevent the impending disaster.


If you have relevant specialist knowledge, contacts or would like to help please contact: Edgar Gibbs on 20564850 or [email protected]

In any event please sign our petition to delay development in NW Cardiff on Change.org

Amend the LDP to Development in North West Cardiff PDF Print E-mail

North West Cardiff Group have organised a petition asking the the LDP to be amended to delay development in North West Cardiff so that housing and transport aligns with the Metro and proper consideration can be given to Cardiff Civic Society's plan for new, sustainable communities.


Cardiff's Local Development Plan wastes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a 21st century city with modern public transport. Instead, it is rushing ahead with more urban sprawl and no proper plan for transport and essential infrastructure. This is a disaster for new and existing residents, for our Capital City and for SE Wales.


The LDP was started before the Cardiff Capital Region was established and before the Metro was approved. The LDP must be amended to include these positive changes or it will be out of date before it is adopted.


Please follow this link to sign the petition, then share it with your friends and neighbours

The Case for a New Town North West of Cardiff PDF Print E-mail

As you will know we are concerned that Cardiff's Deposit LDP envisages the development of many houses along Llantrisant Road between Radyr and Creigiau without any provision for new or improved roads to deal with the extra traffic which this development will create.


We have joined forces with the Community Councils of Radyr & Morganstown, Pentyrch, St Fagans, the Llandaff Society, the Cardiff Civic Society and the Protect Creigiau Group to form the North West Cardiff Group in order to try to convert the LDP into a plan which might work rather than one that clearly will lead to problems. This NWC Group is representing about 25,000 residents, so hopefully it will prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

All the land that Cardiff wishes to see developed along Llantrisant Road lies in the ownership of the Earl of Plymouth Estates. If the Cardiff LDP is accepted as it currently stands, once it is adopted the Earl of Plymouth Estates will sell the land to various developers who will proceed to do their own thing at their own speed with all the resultant transport problems which would result. What we believe will be necessary is a phased approach to this development which ensures the anticipated transport problems will be addressed before any development goes ahead, but Cardiff's LDP will not deliver this. 

Also when the land is sold, because of its increase in value from agricultural land to developable land, the Earl of Plymouth Estates will gain at least £700 million from the sale.

Cardiff Civic Society has devised an alternative plan, which is attached as a Power Point presentation, which envisages the establishment of a New Town Development Corporation by the Welsh Government to manage the development of this land in an appropriate manner. The advantages of this approach are that it would not only deliver the necessary phasing of the development in that the transport improvements would be provided before houses are built, but also that it would gain the benefit of the increase in the value of the land. This would provide the Development Corporation with the necessary funding to construct the infrastructure and the income to Earl of Plymouth Estates from the land would be more in the region of £700,000 than the £700 million which it stands to gain from the Cardiff LDP proposal.

The development envisaged by the CCS plan would be a series of individual developments located along the rebuilt railway or tramway from Fairwater to Criegiau and beyond, which is a part of the Cardiff Metro proposals, each development to be centred on a railway or tram station but separated from the neighbouring developments by parkland. In this way a new 'garden town' would emerge.

Cardiff Council's intended LDP would see up to 11,000 new homes constructed between Radyr and Creigiau, which is a development that will be approximately the same size as the town of Carmarthen. Given that the traffic on Llantrisant Road heading towards Cardiff each morning peak period already seizes up every day, adding any additional volume of traffic to it from this development proposal will just considerably worsen this situation.

The North West Cardiff Group is not against the enlargement of Cardiff but believes that the proposed developments should only be allowed to go ahead after all the necessary infrastructure has been put in place. The term 'infrastructure' includes the provision of shops, schools, surgeries and other community services as well as perhaps more fundamentally the drainage, gas, electricity and water services and means of transportation. Cardiff Council's LDP does not include for the provision of any transportation improvements to accompany this new development and it is this lack of provision which is seen to be the most important by the North West Cardiff Group. The Group believes the LDP is fundamentally flawed without this provision and consequently neither sustainable nor sound. Representations to this effect have been made to all the Council's formal consultations for the LDP.

Mark Drakeford AM and Kevin Brennan MP are known to share the Group's concerns. The NWC Group has held a meeting with Mark Drakeford which resulted in a letter being sent to him dated 08 May (below) which seeks his assistance. Cardiff Civic Society has devised it's 'Parkland' scheme (also below) which is supported by the NWC Group and which it is believed would provide an acceptable way forward. The NWC Group also met with Cllr. R Patel, who is the Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability on 01 May and subsequently wrote to him to confirm the content of the meeting. (See letter dated 07 May below).

The NWC Group also held a meeting with Roger Lewis who has been appointed Chairman of the Cardiff Capital Region Board in order to discuss the importance of linking the development of the Cardiff Metro to the development proposal for North West Cardiff and the obvious need for alignment of these two proposals. (A note of this meeting is also below). Mark Barry is actually in charge of the Metro proposal and the group is thereore also trying to arrange to meet with Mr Barry.

To date all of this activity has not persuaded Cardiff to alter its draft LDP in any way or to recognise the need for any linkage between the development of the Metro and the development proposals for North West Cardiff. The Cabinet meets today 12 June to confirm the LDP and a copy of the report to Cabinet is below. Because of this situation the NWC Group also wrote on 09 June individually to each member of the Cabinet.

Use this link to down load copies of the documents referred to.

Please use our contact form to share your views with the Danescourt Community Association

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Obituary for Radyr and District Good Neighbour Scheme PDF Print E-mail

The following is a copy of an article that was originally published in the Radyr Chain Magazine.  It was sent to us by Barbara Willis, Co-ordinator of the Radyr & District Good Neighbour Scheme.  I am sure that many of us in Danescourt are disappointed to see the loss of this facility and will join us in thanking Barabara and the team of volunteers for all the work they have put in to the scheme over the last 25 years.


In 1988 the then Councillor for Radyr and Morganstown, Mrs Marion Drake, put wheels in motion to start a Good Neighbour Scheme when she realized that this area, unlike most districts in Cardiff, did not have the benefit of such an organization.  The aim of the Scheme was to help the elderly and infirm with small neighbourly tasks – shopping, letter writing, befriending, changing library books, local transport etc.  In 1989 the first May Tea was held during the Radyr and Morganstown Festival for the senior residents in the community.    Volunteers made sandwiches and cakes and provided transport for many of the guests.  Between 45 and 70 residents have attended this joyous occasion every year since then; Bryn Deri School have provided entertainment and the May Queen and attendants have always visited. In 1992 a weekly coffee morning was started, a chance to get out of the house meet some friends and have a chat.  1993 saw the first Friday lunch in The Old Church Rooms, senior residents could meet friends as well as being provided with a hot meal, cooked by volunteers.  Those who were too frail to come under their own steam were picked up by volunteer drivers.  Every special occasion has been celebrated Birthdays, Jubilees, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Royal Weddings, Christmas and many, many more.

Over the years the Scheme expanded to cover Danescourt and when the boundaries changed Gwaelod, Pentyrch and Creigiau were encompassed. The name change to Radyr and District Good Neighbours and in 1998 a second lunch club started in Pentyrch.

Over the years the main source of funding has been from Cardiff County Council with small grants from the two Community Councils in our area and from other organizations for specific events.  Long before the recession, in 2002, Cardiff Council stopped the small annual rise. (In effect a cut) In 2011 Radyr and Morganstown festival donated all money raised to Good Neighbours and so thanks to a lot of hard work from the local community our much depleted coffers were replenished. Last year the grant was cut by 10% at the last minute.  This year we have been advised that with effect from the 1st April our grant will cease completely.  Without that Grant the Scheme cannot continue.  The grant pays one part-time employee and the general costs associated with running a small office.

Over the twenty six years that the scheme has been in place hundreds of local senior residents have been helped and have enjoyed the many social events which have been organized by the scheme. The scheme has brought the youngest and oldest members of the community together enabling the senior residents to see the positive side of the young, not just the negative stereo types the media like to portray.  Volunteers have freely given thousands of hours in helping the local community and very few have claimed expenses. Without the support of the Good Neighbours organization and co-ordinator the lunch clubs coffee morning and other activities cannot continue.Sadly the Radyr diners will not be having a 21st birthday celebration.   Nearly half of the diners attending the lunch club are transported by local volunteers, for some it can be the only time they are able to leave the house.

We all appreciate that the council have to make huge financial cuts to operate effectively.  However, at a time when we are hearing that many elderly people who visit their doctor with depression are actually lonely this decision will affect many senior, local residents.  This Scheme and the one in Llanishen are the only two independent schemes and they are also the only two Good Neighbours Schemes to lose their grants, despite being the cheapest to run and this scheme being the only one that runs lunch clubs. Over the years I have been to numerous meetings where the comment has been “Oh Radyr, the rich, green, leafy suburb, they do not need any help” I cannot help but wonder if the thinking is entirely financial. While we can all acknowledge that this area of Cardiff is not deprived compared with other areas that does not mean there are no residents in real need of the type of support the scheme has provided. Not everyone in our communities is well off and some of the neediest are the most elderly and vulnerable.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our volunteers, past and present; thank you to the current County Councillor Rod McKerlich and the committee who have worked very hard on our behalf exploring all avenues for funding; to all organizations, groups and individuals (all too numerous to mention) for the help and support which they have given us over the years and to Marion Drake who’s initial idea has helped the elderly in this small leafy suburb have a better quality of life in their autumn years for the past twenty six years.  

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